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Pet Shops: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Pros and Cons of the Northern Inuit, "Game of...
The Northern Inuit: Thanks to its starring role on the blockbuster HBO fantasy series “Game of Thrones,”
How to Become a Pet Groomer
Read all about what it takes to become a pet groomer, with these in-depth business tips.
Best Pet Fish for Beginners
Acquiring pet fish for the first time is a memorable experience, especially for kids, who will rely on local fish store proprietors to educate them about the best types of fish for beginners, as well as their proper care. Here are some tips for getting the neophyte fish hobbyists on the right track.
How to Get Dog Groomer Certification
One does not require certification to become a dog groomer in the U.S. However, it's highly advisable to obtain this, which will enable you to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed. The head of International Professional Groomers, Inc. tells how to go about this.
Starting a Business: Pet Shops 101
Starting a Business: Pet Shops 101. A comprehensive guide to what it takes to start a pet shop, a potentially lucrative, yet complex and costly undertaking.
Tips for Starting a Self-Serve Dog Wash
Self-serve dog wash businesses are springing up around the globe, enabling those in the pet industry to really clean up, literally and figuratively. Here are some tips for those who wish to get on board.
The Best Dog Food Brands for Your Store
An article to aid pet business proprietors in selecting the most high-quality, healthiest dog food brands for their pet stores.
Puppy’s First Grooming
A puppy's first trip to the groomer is a very momentous occasion, and can be rather traumatic. Here are some tips for dealing with your young pooch clients.
Are Pet Foods Made in Thailand Safe?
With so many natural pet foods now made in Thailand, consumers are understandably concerned if these are safe. I spoke to David Forman, owner of Weruva, who set the record straight.
Pet Trade Shows Roundup
There are many pet trade shows held throughout the world. Here is a guide to the top shows that are musts.
The World Pet Market Booms
The world pet market is booming, as a number of countries has witness unprecedented pet ownership and spending in recent years. Learn about what markets are growing, and why.
Homemade Dog and Cat Food Recipes
I hope you read and enjoyed my article about "Dinner PAWsible: A Cookbook of Healthy Dog & Cat Meals,"
Raw Foods for Pets
The raw foods diet for pets is becoming more and more popular. Here are some guidelines for retailers.
Tropical Fish Store Startup Tips
Have you ever dreamed of starting your own local fish store? Learn all about the factors one needs to consider before embarking on this undertaking.
Dog Barking Deterrent: First Alert Bark Genie...
Dog barking has long been the bane of pooch owners. Now, there are two devices from home safety leader First Alert that are said to deter this and other nuisance behavior in canines. Read a review of the Bark Genie provided by my doggie cousin/canine correspondent.
The Pets of Japan
The Japanese pet industry is among the international markets that is booming. Learn about how the people of this culture pamper and spoil their pets beyond belief!
Naming a Business
Whether you're launching a new pet business or revamping an existing one, coming up with the right business name is a very crucial step that should not be taken lightly. Here are some helpful tips for naming a business.
Hot Industry Trends
Read about some of the hottest pet industry trends along with products and services that are expected to experience the highest business growth.
Pet Foods the Pros Recommend
Pet food has become big business around the world, with a vast number of selections now available. In this article, some industry professionals share their top picks and what retailers should consider when stocking their shelves.
Online Pet Shop Tips and Tools
As a followup to my story about the growing popularity of online pet shops, here is an article about the tools for and some helpful tips about getting started.
The 5 Biggest Pet Food Myths
Here are the top 5 pet food myths, with tips on how to go about disputing these.
Hot Dogs! The Top 3 Dog Breeds in the U.S.
Here is info about the three most popular pooches in the U.S., and special notes about the types of products and services their parents need.
How to Write a Pet Business Plan
Any new or even established pet business can benefit from a well-written, detailed business plan. Here is a step-by-step guide.
Dog Daycare Startup Tips
With today's hectic schedules, dog daycare services are very much in demand. Here is comprehensive info for those who wish to launch such a business.
5 Tips to Get More Visibility for a Local Pet...
Here are some tips for enabling your pet business to gain more visibility and to shine in your market.
Marketing Strategy for Pet Shops
Marketing strategy ideas for for pet shops - a guide to marketing a pet shop for little or no cost.
APPA Releases U.S. Pet Owners Survey for...
The American Pet Products National Pet Owners Survey 2013-2014 is in, with exhaustive info about U.S. pet spending trends and growth.
Pet Grooming Trade Shows Schedule at a Glance
Here's a handy list of dates and locations for the top trade shows in the pet grooming sector that feature creative grooming competitions and more.
Rabbits: A Guide for Pet Retailers
Rabbits are very popular pets, for good reason. They're smart, playful, affectionate and adorable. They also require specific care. Here are some tips for retailers who wish to deal with these delightful pets.
Organic and Natural Cat Litters Reviewed
Natural and organic cat litters are extremely important pet products for a cat's optimal health and well-being. Omar and I review some of the more respected products on the market.
Fun Pet Business Promotions that Cost Little or...
In this troubled economy, it's more important than ever to find creative, low-cost ways promotional ideas for your pet store or other related business. Here are some fun, creative ways to do so on a shoestring.
About Pure Vita Holistic Pet Food
Read a review of Nutrisource Pure Vita canned and dry kitty foods, a line of holistic dog and cat foods made by a family-owned company in the U.S., that has been producing pet foods since the 1940s.
Fussie Cat Causes a Fuss
After reviewing Fussie Cat, I received a letter from a reader who was convinced that some of the ingredients were questionable. So I did some research, and the results were surprising.
Grumpy Cat Interview
A chat with kitty superstar Grumpy Cat, who reveals how she became a media darling.
Keeping Track of Pets From Anywhere
About a new line of pet monitors from Motorola, that enable you to keep track of pets from your home or when you're away from home.
Top Cats! The Siamese Breed
Not your average house cats, the Siamese breed is a whisker above many others, in terms of popularity, personality and appearance. These cats are also more high-maintenance than most. Here is important info for retailers with these kitty clients.
Tropiclean Pet Dental Care Products
Pet dental care products are becoming increasingly popular and, in the opinions of many pet health experts, are must-haves for pet retailers. Here is a review of the Tropiclean line of Fresh Breath Made Easy pet dental care products
Pet Groomers Guide
In-depth articles for those in or considering careers in the growing pet grooming industry, with start-up tips, news about trends, must-have supplies and more.
Meet the Steppe Runner
Meet the lively, lovable steppe runner, a reptile that's brand new to the American pet industry, which is rising star on the exotic pets stage.
Lotus: Natural Pet Food Innovator
In my never-ending quest to report about the best natural pet foods, I review Lotus, a unique brand of holistic foods for dogs and cats.
Cat Food Brands - The Best for Pet Stores
Learn all about the top natural, holistic and organic cat food brands for your pet store.
Pet Food Overview
Here is a roundup of articles about pet food, including the history of the commercial industry, the pros' top picks, best natural cat and dog food brands, bird food, the raw diet, brand reviews and more.
What Are By-Products in Pet Foods?
: Anyone who sells pet foods, particularly the higher quality natural brands, will invariably encounter
The History of the Pet Food Industry
The commercial pet food industry for its start in the mid-1800s, when an entrepreneurial American named James Spratt invented the first mass-produced biscuit. Learn about the fascinating history of this multi-billion dollar industry, which has come a long way, baby!
Dog Training Aid: The Pet Corrector
Here's a review of the Pet Corrector, a revolutionary dog (and other animal) training aid that works.
Easy Pet Business Ideas
For those who dream of getting into the pet business, a start-up doesn't have to cost a paw and a leg, or require extensive training. Here are some great, easy pet business ideas.
Creative Advertising Ideas for Pet Shops
Here are some great advertising ideas for pet shops that are fun, creative and cost little or nothing.
Paw Sweet Journal© June 2013: Major Pet...
There were a lot of interesting developments among major pet food companies in late spring 2013, including plant closings, a plant opening, new products and more. Here's what was happening as of June of this year.
5 Key Steps for a Successful Pet Business Startup
Many people dream of starting a pet business, but often lack clear goals and direction. Here are five practical tips to get you on the right track, and enable your business startup to be a success.
In-Store Events Ideas For Pet Stores
In-store events are terrific for promotion a pet store, and for attracting new while honoring repeat customers. Here are some handy tips for planning successful events.
Stella & Chewy's Raw Foods for Pets
Stella & Chewy's raw, frozen and freeze dried pet dinners is one of the latest products to enter the natural pet food market. Read all about it, and the rating Omar gave it.
A Veterinarian Answers: What Exactly are...
Veterinarian Dr. Sergio Canello, an internationally acclaimed pet food researcher and proponent of holistic pet nutrition, offers tips to pet retailers about the best types of pet foods to carry.
Natural Canned Cat Food Reviews
Natural cat food is a growing industy, as an increasing number of kitty parents are beginning to realize
Top Jobs for Animal Lovers
There are now lots of career opportunities for pet lovers. Here is info about the most in-demand pet professions.
Homemade Pet Food Cookbook
Homemade pet foods are becoming quite popular, as many pet parents have become leery of commercial pet food brands. Read all about a truly awesome pet food cookbook, co-authored by a pet food activist and veterinarian.
How Pet Groomers Can Prevent Injuries and...
Even the best pet groomers are not immune from injuries and accidents, involving pets, their employees and themselves. Here are important safety tips.
The 10 Commandments of a Successful Pet Business
The 10 Commandments don't just apply to religion, these principles are also relatable to the pet industry and can help pet business operators to get and stay on the right track. Here are some golden rules that even Moses would approve of!
Pet Grooming Industry Trends
Pet grooming is one of the fastest growing sectors of the pet industry overall, with lots of interesting new services, such as pet tattoos, proposed regulatory legislation, informational resources and more. Here's what's new.
A Pet Supplier Gives Old Dogs a New 'Leash' on...
Thanks the wonders of medical science, pets are living a lot longer. As such, pet supplies entrepreneur
The Allure of Online Pet Stores
Online pets stores are all the rage, thanks to the convenience this offers to customers. Here is some background info for those who are considering this retail route.
As Seen on TV Pet Products Reviews
Like a lot of people, I was always curious about the quality and effectiveness of those "As Seen on TV"
Hot Industry Trend: Spa Services for Pets
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >The pet grooming
How to Attract New Customers
Attracting new customers is a challenge for many businesses, especially in this increasingly competitive industry and challenging economy. Here are some simple yet effective tips to bring in new traffic.
Older Dog Products
Like people, companion animals are living longer than ever. That’s why it’s a wise idea for retailers to carry products for senior pets, especially older dogs. I asked Arnie Costell, owner of in Marina Del Rey, Calif., for his recommendations.
Kitty A GoGo Cat Litter Boxes Review
A review of Kitty A GoGo cat litter boxes, an innovative design that's both stylish and practical.
About South Bark Dog Wash: Home of the...
The South Bark Blueberry Facial for pets helped to revolutionize the pet grooming industry, and launched the luxury pet spa movement. Meet one of the inventors of this paw-some pet product, Donna Walker.
Ethical Puppy Breeders Guide
Despite the growing emphasis on adopting shelter pets and ant-puppy mills sentiments, there is still a demand for puppy breeders. Here is a guide for how to go about the process ethically responsibly and humanely.
How to Start a Mobile Pet Grooming Business
For pet groomers who are considering taking their businesses on the road, here are in-depth tips for starting a mobile pet grooming operation.
Exotic Pets: Lizards, Starring the Leopard Gecko
In the realm of exotic pets , lizards currently are among the “in” critters. (As further proof of their
Hound & Gatos Natural Pet Food Review
A review of Hound & Gatos, an awesome all-natural pet food brand for dogs and cats, made in the U.S.A.
Pet Business Trends for 2013
The pet industry has been growing by leaps and bounds for several years, and is showing no signs of abating. Here are some predictions regarding growth and business trends for 2013, courtesy of some top pet industry experts.
Unsafe Pet Grooming Products and Practices
Here are some tips about the products and practices for pet groomers to avoid, to protect pets and themselves.
Dog Clothes News
There are so many awesome types of dog clothes on the market that help Fidos to look fashionable. Then there's the line of Doggie Hairnets. Not only are these cute and chic, these pooch duds aid in the reduction of dog shedding! Read all about the Chicago dog lover who invented this unique brand of canine couture.
Pets for Sale?
Many pet retailers do not sell pets for profit. Here's what you need to know if you do offer pets for sale, with tips for how to transition away from this.
How Pet Shops Can Partner with Animal Shelters
As selling pets is becoming increasingly highly unpopular, and is even banned in many areas, a greater number of pet shops are resorting to partnering with animal shelters to host pet adoption days. This comprehensive guide tells how to go about this.
Natural Dog and Cat Food Reviews
Thanks to pet food recalls and greater awareness about pet nutrition among animal parents, there is now a huge market for natural pet foods. Here is a roundup of reviews of some respected brands.
Pet Shops Books
When it comes to inventory essentials, pet shops really should consider carrying a decent array of books about pets. Here are some well-respected pet shop books for your store.
Pet Sitter Business Guide
Pet sitters are very much in demand. Here are some important tips from Pet Sitters International for those who wish to launch such a pet business.
Announcing Medical Marijuana for Critters
About Canna-Pet, a groundbreaking company that has launched an over-the-counter medical marijuana supplement for cats and dogs.
Exotic Pets Profile: Skunks
Skunks are becoming increasingly popular pets. They're also high-maintenance. Here are some important factors to consider for pet retailers.
Bird Food Brands
Polly may want a cracker, but feeding pet birds is a lot more complicated than that. Here is a guide to the best bird food brands for retailers.
Organic Cat Litter: World's Best
The World's Best Cat Litter is one of the most popular and respected organic cat litters on the market. Omar and I review this cat litter, and address some concerns.
The Cat House Craze in Japan
People in Japan loves cats, and treat kitties like furry kings and queens. Some forward-thinking architects have capitalized on this by designing cat-friendly houses. Check out this one, which is truly paw-some.
Wall Mounted Cat Tree Review
As followers of our site now know, Omar gets to review lots of kitty products, including innovative cat
Guide to Great Customer Service
Everything pet store owners and operators need to know about ways to provide the best customer service for maximum success.
Pet Business Tips from a Pro
While I have frequently offered what I believe to be sound pet business tips , it’s always a good idea
Green Pet Products Guide
Green pet products are a growing industry. Here are some natural pet products that pet store proprietors really should consider adding to their businesses.
Pet Meds Taking a Bite Out of Veterinarians'...
In the old days, people would get their pet meds from their vets. But that's changed, with an increasing number of options to purchase deeply discounting critter health care products through general retail channels. Here's a glimpse at this booming pet industry sector, and how this is affecting veterinarians.
Tips for Preventing Job Burnout and Stress for...
Stress and job burnout are among the leading occupational hazards for pet groomers. Here are some issues to be aware of, along with important tips about how to prevent stress, burnout and injuries on the job, for you and your four-legged clients.
Customer Complaints Dos and Don'ts
Regardless of what kind of business you own, in the retail world, customer complaints are an inevitable fact of life. The same goes for pet shops. Here are some important dos and don'ts, that can help to diffuse even the most difficult situations.
First Pets: A History of Critters in the White...
With very rare exception, U.S. presidents throughout history been avid pet lovers, proven by a colorful assortment of critters of various shapes, sizes and species occupying the White House. Here is a delightful history of First Pets, past and present.
How to Compete with Big Box Stores
Due to increased competition from the big box and general merchandise chain stores, along with online pet stores, it's now a dog-eat-dog world for many smaller mom and pop pet businesses. Here are some ways to get a paw up on the growing competition.
About the Bearded Dragon
The bearded dragon is one of the most beloved pet lizards in the world, especially the U.S. Here is important info for pet retailers who deal with these lively lizards.
Fish Hobbyist News for Pet Stores
Here's some news for the fish store sector, from a possible ban on dwarf seahorses to info about a new business support platform for LFS operators, the hottest fish and aquaria trends and more.
Hot Product Profile: Tagg GPS Pet Locator
Pet locator technology has advanced rapidly in recent years. Learn all about Tagg-The Pet Tracker, the most innovative GPS pet tracking device currently on the market.
Pet Grooming for Kitties
Pet grooming services for cats are very much in demand. Learn about the whys, and how to go about getting the right training for this singular client base.
Global Pet Expo Trade Show Preview
In the trade show realm, the Global Pet Expo is considered the biggest and best of its kind in the world. Here is an advance preview of what to expect with the 2013 installment, which promises to be bigger and better than ever.
Meet Chuck Simons: The Pet 'Groomer's Helper'
Pet Professional Profile: Anybody who’s anybody in the pet groomer industry has heard of and most likely
Pet Grooming for Small Animals
Pets groomers are increasingly adding services for cats and small pets. Here are some tips about what to provide, and why this is a good idea.
Business Logo Tips
A business logo is a very important part of a company's identity and overall brand. Here are some tips for creating the right logo for a pet-related business.
All About Sugar Gliders
Sugar gliders are the rising stars in the exotic pets world due to their relative ease of care and uniquely adorable personalities. Here is some important info for those in the pet industry who service parents to these pets.
The Grain-Free Pet Food Revolution
Grain-free pet foods are a hot topic these days, as pet parents increasingly seek healthier, more species-specific nutritional options for their beloved companion animals. Here is some info about the grain-free revolution.
Business Insurance Guide for Pet Shops
Here is a guide to business insurance for those in the pet industry.
Vietnam: The Next Big Pet Market
There are a number of emerging pet markets around the globe. Read all about Vietnam, a rising pet industry star with an abundance of manufacturing, trade and other advantages.
Pet Rats Profile
Rats as pets have become quite popular for a variety of reasons: These critters are highly intelligent, affectionate, clean, easy to train and totally loveable. Here's the lowdown on these rodents for those who wish to deal with them.
How Pet Groomers Can Increase Their Bottom Line
Here are some suggestions for tools for pet groomers to help them to upgrade their services and increase their sales.
Pet Shops Trade Magazines
A list of the top trade publications for those in the pet industry.
Cool Kitty Couture
Feline fashionistas can now enjoy stylish kitty couture. Read about the hottest trends, and enjoy a kitty fashion show!
Cool Kitty Trend: Litter Boxes as Furniture
This very clever cat litter box, with an opening through which kitties can do their business in privacy, also serves as an attractive table that can be displayed in any room in a home. Page 4.
The History of Kitty Litter
Kitty litter has a long, colorful history, beginning with a young man who came up with a bright idea after World War II. Read all about how Edward Lowe changed the world for cats and their parents.
Have Pet, Will Travel
Humans are now more frequently traveling with their pets, which has created a booming industry, with all kinds of neat lodging, air and other services/amenities popping up. Here's the lowdown on this red hot right now pet industry trend.
New Puppy Pet Supplies
New puppies require specific age- and size-appropriate supplies in order to get off to a good start in life. Here are some ideas for retailers.
5 Golden Rules of Sales for Pet Shops I Learned...
Even in this high tech day and age, the old-fashioned Golden Rules of Sales still apply. Here are five I learned my from small business owner dad.
Natural Cat Litter Cedarific
In my ongoing series of organic and natural cat litter reviews, Omar and I test drive Cedarific, made from what the name implies.
The Business of Pet Loss and Bereavement
Here is some valuable information for those considering careers in the growing pet loss and bereavement profession.
Learn Animal Communication to Enhance a Pet...
Learn what animals are really thinking and feeling with animal communicator Asia Voight.
Introducing Salon Details Certification for Pet...
International Pet Groomers, Inc. was set to launch a Salon Details Certificate in 2014, that will revolutionize the ethical and safety standards of the industry.
Divine Dog Clothes for Posh Pooches!
Dog clothing and accessories are hotter than ever. Read about how this industry got started, how poochie fashions have evolved through the years, and meet two top doggie designers.
Feng Shui for Pet Shops
Learn how to apply the principles of feng shui to a pet business, for greater harmony and prosperity.
Pet Products Trends
Read about some of the more popular items for pets, including hot pet toys trends, collars, books and more.
Animal Planet Cat TV Star Jackson Galaxy...
If you are a cat TV fan, then you may be familiar with Jackson Galaxy, star of the hit Animal Planet
The Top Dry Pet Foods
A look at the dry pet foods controversy, along with recommendations for the best natural brands.
How Pet Groomers Can Compete with Box Stores
While many pet groomers, especially those that are new to the business, may be intimidated by competition from big box pet retail chains, you actually have a number of advantages over them. Two grooming professionals offer tips for how to get a paw up on the competition.
Omar Reviews More Natural Cat Food and Treats
When I attended the H.H. Backer spring pet trade show in April 2012, reps from some respected companies that produce natural cat foods and treats gave me some samples for Omar to review. Here are his findings about Lickety Stik, Lotus canned cat food and Castor & Pollux Organix Cat Treats.
Best Pet Foods Brands for the New Puppy
Here are some important tips about the dietary and nutritional requirements for new puppies, along with brand suggestions for retailers.
About Guinea Pigs
Guinea pigs have been beloved exotic pets that world over for centuries. Not only are they cute, cuddly and amusing, they're easy to care for, great with kids and relatively low-maintenance. Here's what pet retailers need to know about these time-honored pets.
Hot Product: Wheelchairs for Handicapped Pets
Handicapped pets can now get a new lease in life with a small but growing number of specialty products made just for them, including wheelchairs. Meet Mark Robinson, who launched a company to address the needs of special needs pets.
Parade of Exotic Pets
Exotic pets are more popular than ever, due to a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that they are unique and very cool. Here is a collection of articles about our furry, feathered and scaly friends.
Hiring and Recruiting Guidelines for Pet Shops
Hiring and recruiting the right employees is crucial to the success of pet shops. This article offers valuable advice for finding, and keeping, staff members who will share your passion for pets.
Dog Chew Treats News
Dog treats, particularly chews, have evolved a great deal in recent times. Read about two healthy alternatives to rawhide.
Fascinating Cat Facts
Contrary to popular belief, cats (not dogs) are actually the most popular pets in the world. Kitties are also widely misunderstood. Here are some important feline facts for retailers, along with some kitty history, plus products and services recommendations.
Reader's Choice Awards 2013 Best Natural Pet Food
It's time to cast your vote for the Best Natural Pet Food for the 2013 Pet Shops Reader's Choice Awards! Cast your votes here.
Social Media Marketing for Pet Shops
In this high-tech day and age, social media marketing is a must for pet businesses. Here's an overview of his this works, and some tips to get started.
Fabulous Ferrets: Important Info for Pet Shops
Ferrets are very popular pets in the U.S. and many other parts of the world. However, they are rather high-maintenance, are often bred in unscrupulous pet mills and pet shelters are inundated with these critters. Who is some important info about the proper way of dealing with these cute creatures
Pet Shop and General Pet Business Website Shoulds
These days, everyone in business must have a website. Pet shops and those in the general pet business sector are no exception. Here are some shoulds, must and don'ts of a successful Web presence.
Pet Photography Tips
Pet photography is becoming increasingly popular, as many pet parents regard their companion animals as beloved members of their families. Acclaimed pet portrait photographer Richie Schwartz offers tips for those who wish to add this service to their pet shops.
Puppy Breeding News
The pet industry as it pertains to puppy sales, puppy mills and legislation is growing more complex. Here are some recent developments.
Pet Grooming for Optimal Pet Health
Pet grooming is not just about making our furry friends look fabulous. These services are also important for a pet's overall health and wellness. Here are some tips for groomers to enable pets to look and feel their best.
What's New in Pet Grooming Products
Here's news about some paw-some new pet grooming products, including a new line of dog shampoos from Animal Planet, pooch nail polishes, holistic grooming and pet care products from Halo and more.
Parakeets: Pets that are Lively, Smart and Sweet
Pet parakeets have been delighting pet lovers since ancient times. Here is some info for retailers who wish to deal with these smart, playful, charming critters.
This Fish Tank is a Real Fluke
The good folks at AquaOne Technologies never intended to get into the decorative fish tank business.
Reptiles Roundup
Pet reptiles are more popular than ever, all around the world. Here's what's new and info on current trends in the realm of lizards, snakes and other herps.
Pet Shops Business Marketing Tip
Consistency is one of the most crucial, if not the most crucial, ingredient to successful pet shops business marketing. This article breaks this concept down into easy to understand and follow components that one must employ to ensure success.
Pet Profile: Vinny, a Pug with a Grand...
Meet Vinny, the rock climbing pug, who is about to scale new height by embarking on a fundraising tour for a very worthy animal rights cause.
Pet Groomers See a Rise in Posh Pet Spas
About Chateau Poochie and the Pet Spa at Harrods in London, pet spas that offer the ultimate in pet pampering.
Fun Ways to Diversify your Pet Store
Here are some great tips for diversifying a pet store by adding fun new services to expand an existing business. Learn all about doggie day care, pet massage and in-store pet photography right here.
Marketing and Promotion Guide
Here is a collection of helpful articles that cover marketing and promotion for pet businesses. Read about everything from low- to no-cost advertising, social media marketing, business blogging, general marketing strategies and more.
How to Write a Press Release
A press release is a great tool to get media attention for a pet business. If you can't afford to hire a pro, it's relatively easy to write these yourself. Here are some step-by-step tips, along with pitfalls to avoid.
Paw Sweet Journal©
There was plenty of pet food news in December 2012, including more troubles for Evanger's, major announcements from Nestle and the Petfood Forum and more. Read all about in this edition of the Paw Sweet Journal.
10 Practices Pet Shops Should Avoid
Even the best pet shops may fall into habits that are decidedly bad for business. Here are some prime examples of what not to do.

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