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Pet Food

Learn all about the kinds and brands of pet foods that are best for your animal customers. These helpful articles with enable you to make the right decisions about the many types of pet foods that are available to those in the pet business. Whether you're new to this business, or a long-timer, you've come to the right place to make the best choices for your critter clients.
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Pet Food Overview
A collection of articles about the pet food industry with brand reviews, tips from industry professionals, info on the raw diet, top holistic selections, industry history and more.

The Top Dry Pet Foods
A look at the dry pet foods controversy, along with recommendations for the best natural brands.

Raw Foods for Pets
The raw foods diet for pets is becoming more and more popular, as pet owners seek alternatives to popular commercial pet food brands. There are many factors to consider before pet stores decide to carry such pet products. Here are some guidelines.

Obesity in Pets
Pet obesity now affects more than half of all dogs and cats in America, and is on the rise in other Western societies. Here are important tips for retailers to help combat the epidemic.

The History of the Pet Food Industry
Read about the fascinating history of commercial pet food, which got its start in the 1800s, and how it has evolved into a mega-billion dollar industry.

The Grain-Free Pet Food Revolution
A lot of pet parents are going grain-free when it comes to selecting pet foods. Here is some info about what these foods are all about, why these are now popular and what they do and do not contain.

Veterinarians and Pet Foods
While many pet parents regard their veterinarians' recommendations as gospel when it comes to pet foods, vets aren't always highly knowledgeable about pet nutrition, which presents a potential challenge for retailers. Here are the hows and whys of this scenario, and how you can bridge the gap.

A Veterinarian Weighs in on Holistic Pet Food
An educational chat with veterinarian Dr. Sergio Canello, an internationally known pet food researcher and advocate of holistic pet nutrition, who advises pet retailers about how to effectively do their pet food homework.

Pet Foods the Pros Recommend
There is now a dizzying array of commercial pet foods on the market, and lots of controversy surrounding any number of these products. So I spoke to some industry leaders to get their recommendations.

Pet Food News
Here are some of the top pet food industry stories for mid-2012, including news about a company that aids shelter pets, an FDA report on China dog jerky treats, a raw foods uproar and more.

Homemade Pet Food Cookbook
Homemade pet foods are becoming quite popular, as many pet parents have become leery of commercial pet food brands. Read all about a truly awesome pet food cookbook, co-authored by a pet food activist and veterinarian.

Homemade Dog and Cat Food Recipes
Here are some homemade dog and cat food recipes from the cookbook, "Dinner PAWsible: A Cookbook for Healthy Dog and Cat Meals."

Are Pet Foods Made in Thailand Safe?
With so many natural pet foods now made in Thailand, consumers are understandably concerned if these are safe. I spoke to David Forman, owner of Weruva, who set the record straight.

How can Retailers Debunk Pet Foods Myths?
One of the biggest challenges responsible pet retailers face is debunking the myths many pet parents believe about pet foods. Here are some tips about how to go about this.

What Are By-Products in Pet Foods?
Many commercial pet food brands contain "by-products," mysterious ingredients that often lead to confusion and concern among pet parents. Here is some detailed information about what these are, and how to educate customers about these and other potential pet food ingredients.

Bird Food Brands
Polly may want a cracker, but feeding pet birds is a lot more complicated than that. Here is a guide to bird nutrition and the best bird food brands for retailers.

Natural Dog and Cat Food Reviews
The natural pet food market is booming, thanks in large part to pet food recalls of recent years and more educated pet parents who are willing to pay more for healthy fare. Here is a collection of reviews of some top brands.

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