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The Paw Sweet Journal©

Read The Paw Sweet Journal©, a mini-publication/category within my site that provides roundups of late-breaking pet industry news. Whether it's news about pet food, pet grooming, pet legislation, pet food recalls and anything having to do with the pet industry, you can find it right here.
  1. Pet Food and Recalls News (6)

Kathy Ireland Pet Products Brands
Super model turned business mogul Kathy Ireland releases a new line of pet products.

Puppy Mills and Pet Sales News for June 2014
There was a lot of news about pet sales legislation in early summer 2014. Here are some of the tops stories.

A Chat with Grumpy Cat
An interview with Grumpy Cat, who reveals how she became an international kitty superstar and merchandise marketing genius.

Vinny the Pug Inspires New Pet Shelter Fundraising Platform
Vinny the world-famous rock climbing pug has inspired a line of high-fashion human accessories, with proceeds earmarked to aid shelter and rescue pets.

Pet Spending Figures for 2013
Here are the pet spending statistics for 2013, which prove that the pet industry is continuing to boom.

Pet Industry News for March 2013
There were lots of interesting new developments within the pet industry during the first three months of 2013. Here is the top news for the first quarter of the year, including how Obamacare may affect vets, Cesar Milan's latest endeavors, a pet food recalls roundup and more.

U.S. Pet Spending and Pet Ownership Statistics for 2012
The American Pet Products Association released U.S. pet spending and ownership statistics in March, 2013. As expected, spending increased over 2011. Here is info about just how much Americans spent on their beloved critters, along with a glimpse of some of the more popular trends and what to expect for the future.

Hurricane Sandy Pets Report
Here is some late breaking news about Hurricane Sandy and how this "Frankenstorm" affected those in the pet industry and pets in general, including important info about how others can help.

Pet Business Trends for 2013
The pet industry has been growing steadily for some time, and the year 2013 should prove to be no exception. Here are some predictions about the services and products that will be hot in the New Year, courtesy of some pet industry experts.

Top Pet Shops Stories for 2012
There was lots of big news in the pet industry in 2012, from increased spending to interesting new trends and a protracted pet food recall. Here are the top Pet Shops stories for the year.

Paw Sweet Journal© December 2012
Extra! Extra! Read all about the latest pet food news for December 2012 with this edition of the Paw Sweet Journal including a new gig for the co-founder of Castor & Pollux, Petfood Forum updates, the latest problems for Evanger's and more.

The Paw Sweet Journal Issue #1
Here's the debut edition of The Paw Sweet Journal, a collection of late-breaking pet business news items about a new natural dog food brand from Wal-Mart, PetSmart's 25th anniversary, top industry trends for the 2012 fourth quarter and more!

Fish Hobbyist News for Pet Stores
Here's some top news for the fish store sector for fall 2012, from a possible ban on dwarf seahorses to info about a new business support platform for LFS operators, the hottest fish and aquaria trends and more.

Pet Grooming Industry Trends
Pet grooming is one of the fastest growing sectors of the pet industry overall, with lots of interesting new services, such as pet tattoos, proposed regulatory legislation, informational resources and more. Here's what's new.

Reptiles Roundup
Here's news about the latest trends and developments in the wonderful world of pet reptiles, from snakes, to lizards and tortoises, who are now more popular than ever around the globe.

Puppy Breeding News
The pet industry as it pertains to puppy sales, puppy mills and legislation is growing more complex. Here were some developments for mid-2012.

Top News of 2011
The year 2011 was a very special time for the pet industry, which has been growing by leaps and bounds, and showing no signs of abating. Here is a roundup of the top pet industry news stories for this memorable year.

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