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Pet Services


Pet services are huge, and are becoming more diverse, with a market for everything from upscale pet grooming to pet sitting and yoga for dogs now being offered. Learn all about the red-hot-right-now services available for companion animals.
  1. Pet Grooming
  2. Pet Photography
  3. Miscellaneous Pet Services
  4. Unique Pet Services

Pet Grooming

Nowadays, pet groomers offer a lot more than just an old-fashioned shave and a haircut. Dogs, cats and even small animals like bunnies and ferrets have a variety of upscale services available to them, from massage and reiki to "paw-ticures." Here are some of the hot options.

Pet Photography

As people increasingly regard their pets as beloved members of their families, there is a growing demand for pet portrait photography. Read about how to go about adding this service to an existing business, as well as profiles of successful pros and other tips.

Miscellaneous Pet Services

Indeed, the sky's the limit these days with the kinds of services available to pets. Here is an assortment of tips and ideas for services one may want to add to a pet business, as well as advice for improving existing pet services.

Unique Pet Services

Pet services have become a lot more imaginative in recent years. In addition to increased demands for such practical services as dog training and pet behavior consulting, offbeat services are gaining popularity. Here are some of the more unique services now available.

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