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Pet Shops Profiles: Folks Who Have Found Success Via a Love of Pets


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Buzz Miller: A Career Change for Pets
Pet Shops Profiles: Folks Who Have Found Success Via a Love of Pets

Buzz Miller (with rescue pup Chloe) helps deployed military people find foster homes for their pets.

Photo courtesy of Buzz Miller
Melvin "Buzz" Miller of Gladwyne, Pa., gave up a long, successful career as a business and real estate attorney to devote his life to pets. First he opened a pet shop called Buzzy's Bow Wow Meow, which specializes in high-quality holistic pet products, and educating the public about the importance of the animal/human bond. Buzz then decided to launch a non-profit organization called People/Animals = Companions Together (PACT) which facilitates and implements programs that benefit both pets and humans. Among the organization's achievements is a program that finds foster homes for the pets of deployed military personnel. Buzz may no longer be making the big bucks he commanded when he was a full-time lawyer, but he's far richer in spirit as a result of his involvement with making the world a better place for pets and the people who love them.
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