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Meet Emerald DuCoeur: A Psychic for the Furry Set


Meet Emerald DuCoeur: A Psychic for the Furry Set

Emerald DuCoeur employs her psychic abilities to help people understand pets.

Photo courtesy of Emerald DuCoeur
This psychic doesn’t wear a turban and gaze into a crystal ball, or predict the meeting of tall, dark, handsome men.

This rather angelic-looking strawberry blonde prefers business suits, and her clients usually have four legs and a tail.

Meet Emerald DuCoeur, pet psychic, who provides a fascinating service that is growing in popularity in the pet industry.

DuCoeur, whose home base is Doylestown, Pa., offers her services at Cutter’s Mill pet shops in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The stores provide her services to customers on a complementary basis, which is an excellent promotional idea.

I met with the psychic and her husband, Robin, at a coffee shop in Cherry Hill, N.J., during which she discussed her fascinating profession.

What Is a Pet Psychic?

In a lot of ways, pet psychics (good ones, at least) are very much like people psychics: They intuitively sense what an animal is thinking and feeling; they determine lifestyle patterns that might need to be changed; and enlighten pet parents about their particular pets’ needs.

The major difference is that pets can’t speak. But they are able to communicate in ways that the average person isn’t aware of, although DuCoeur attests that virtually every person has psychic abilities.

“It’s a matter of being in tune with yourself and specific animals,” she explained. “There are techniques you can focus on. You just have to recognize when you’re doing this. It’s a matter of having confidence in your abilities.”

How Pet Psychic Abilities Can Help Others in the Pet Industry

Not only is this a great service in and of itself in that it’s sure to bring more traffic to a pet shop, honing one’s psychic abilities is a valuable complement to services provided by those in other pet professions.

“Adding this to what they already do could also help pet trainers, photographers, alternative healers and others,” DuCoeur said.

In addition to offering her psychic services, she now provides instruction via classes she conducts in the region, plus through phone and email consultations.

The Origins of a Pet Psychic

DuCoeur always knew that she had psychic abilities. But she didn’t fully tap into this until after her dog, Trajan, passed away in 1997, which devastated her.

“I contacted an animal communicator; I felt better afterward. I decided I wanted to do this. I had already been communicating with animals, but I didn’t have a framework for doing this. I then developed that.”

She has been doing this since the late 1990s.

In addition to her work as a pet psychic, DuCoeur offers advice and services for:

  • Pet health and illness
  • Rescue and adoption
  • Pet training
  • Behavior issues
  • Grief counseling for people who have lost pets
  • Preparation for life changes for pets

Some Amazing Pet Readings

When I asked DuCoeur for examples of some of her more memorable psychic readings for pets, she recounted the one about the dog who wanted his human parents to know that he loved spaghetti. This turned out to be the first people food he ever ate.

Then there was the cat who wanted his parents to know that he loved to ride in a car like a dog, which he did.

The most startling was the dog who wanted to inform his parents that he had trouble breathing. His human family was baffled, because the dog had never exhibited any signs of this. But one month later, the dog unexpectedly passed away from a pulmonary disorder.

“The people didn’t know he had this,” DuCoeur revealed. “He wanted to tell them directly, so they would be prepared.”

Omar Gets a Psychic Reading

During the interview, I asked DCoeur to demonstrate her abilities by conducting a reading for my cat, Omar. Of course, he wasn’t able to join us at the coffee shop. But she was able to conduct a reading for him by focusing on a picture of Omar I had taken with my cell phone.

After focusing on Omar’s picture for a few moments, she asked me his weight, age and if he had any markings, then she closed her eyes and concentrated.

The first thing she told me was that Omar missed me and wanted to know when I was coming home.

I had, in fact, gone out of town over night, leaving him home alone. However, I had not told DuCoeur this.

She then told me that he’s all boy and the reason for his rambunctious nature: Although he’s smart enough to realize that I am not a cat, he finds me very cat-like, and wants me to get down on the floor and play with him like a cat.

What’s interesting is that, for the first time, I had done just that a few days earlier, and he was having the time of his life.

DuCoeur also told me that Omar is very headstrong, which is very true, but that he is an extremely loving cat; also true. She added that he is extremely handsome, which happens to be my nickname for him, and that he would run to the door to greet me when I got home.

I was kind of skeptical about that, because Omar usually gets miffed with me if I leave him alone for more than a few hours, and tends to initially give me the cold shoulder. (Although he gets over it quickly.)

Lo and behold, when I returned home a few hours after my meeting with the pet psychic, Omar ran to the door to greet me!

So, you see, there was a tall, dark, handsome man in my future…

(Contact Emerald DuCoeur through her Web site: HeartsContent.net.)
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