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Astounding Animal Communication


Astounding Animal Communication

Asia Voight first developed her animal communication skills when she was 3.

Photo courtesy of Asia Voight

Pet Professionals Profile - Asia Voight:

As part of my Pet Professionals Profiles series, I would like to introduce intuitive, author, teacher and speaker Asia Voight, a world-renowned animal communication professional who can actually telepathically discern what pets are thinking and feeling, with uncanny accuracy.

Asia is so acclaimed for her abilities that she has been featured on ABC, NBC and Fox TV, as well as such popular radio shows as “The Rick Lamb Show” and Hay House Radio. Her written work has appeared in Jack Canfield’s “Pearls of Wisdom: 30 Inspirational Ideas to Live Your Best Life Now” and “Sometime Miracles Happen,” by New York Times best-seller Dr. Brian Weiss.

She has assisted 50,000 human and animal clients to date. Asia worked with me when my beloved Omar developed a vaccine-associated sarcoma and helped him transition when I had to have him euthanized.

She also teaches others, including those in pet professions, how to do this through her Animal Communication and Intuitive Development workshops. For more information, please see my article Learn Animal Communication to Enhance a Pet Business.

A Fiery Crash Leads to a Career in Animal Communication

Although she isn’t fond of being referred to as a psychic, Asia actually is just that. She first discovered her gift for animal communication while growing up in a conservative Christian family in Wisconsin.

“I began communicating with animals, angels and spirit guides from the age of 3,” she said.

In addition, she could read people’s thoughts, which often vastly contradicted what they were saying. As she didn’t like experiencing this, she turned this off for several years.

Then in 1987, she was involved in a fiery car accident that left her paralyzed, severely burned and near death. Her doctors gave her a 3 percent chance of surviving, and claimed that she would never walk again if she did survive.

But following a near-death experience, during which she was visited by spirit guides who informed her that she would survive and encouraged her to reconnect with her animal communication gifts, Asia made a full, nothing short of miraculous recovery.

“They (the guides) said this was part of my soul’s purpose, to help the animals heal and the relationship that people have with animals would in turn heal the world.”

How Animal Communication Works

Asia explained that this happens telepathically, with the transfer of thoughts, ideas, feelings and images from one person or animal to another – without the need for spoken words or physical contact. She, in fact, conducted the reading for Omar over the phone

She can also communicate with animals that have passed on, because she can tap into their spirit energy. And in addition to reading the animals’ thoughts and feelings, she can pick up on what’s going on with their humans, from the animal’s perspective. The process is not only enlightening; this also is very therapeutic and validating for both people and animals.

We Can All Talk to the Animals

For the book “Extraordinary You: The Art of Living a Lusciously Spirited, Vibrant Life,” a collection of essays contributed by leading spiritual authors, Asia wrote about “Awakening Your Natural Ability to Heal Through Animal Communication.”

She claims that all people have the ability to communicate telepathically with animals, as well as nature, angels, spirit guides, loved ones who have passed on and others outside the physical realm.

“The number one thing I hear my clients say is that after they have learned how to communicate with animals, they are astonished with the wisdom, insight and awareness that the animals have about them personally,” she said. “They’re just shocked that the animals have that high level of awareness and are able to put it into a cohesive explanation. Animals may know more about people than people know about themselves.”

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