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All About Pet Services

Pet services from grooming to day care, in store-pet photography, kenneling, holistic treatments like therapeutic massage and clinics are more in demand than ever. You have come to the right place to learn everything you need to know about serving this booming industry.
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  3. Pet Art and Photography (5)
  4. Pet Grooming (40)
  5. Pet Insurance (4)

Wedding Planning for Pet Lovers
Here comes the bride...and the pet! Nowadays, more and more couples are including pets in their weddings. This has created a need for a variety of nuptial-centric pet products and services. Read about some cute ideas.

Party Animals!
From birthday parties to "Howl-oween" bashes, "bark mitzvahs" and weddings, pets have become real party animals. Read all about the growing pet event planning industry, and how you can get on this bandwagon.

Have Pet, Will Travel
More people than ever are now traveling with pets, which has created a growing niche sector within the hospitality and transportation industries. Learn all about some currently popular trends for critters on the go.

Pet Friendly Real Estate Fulfills a ‘Furry’ Important Need
The real estate market is recognizing the need to accommodate pet owners, be it because of home foreclosures or relocation due to natural disasters such as hurricanes. Meet a Florida real estate agent and animal lover who is helping to meet this demand.

Should Pet Stores Sell Pets?
Are you thinking about selling pets from your store? This is no easy undertaking; it's a huge responsibility that you should think long and hard about. This article will tell you about what to consider before dealing in such precious cargo.

Pet Sitter Business Guide
Pet sitters are very much in demand, and this may seem like a very easy business to get into because there's little overhead. But there are certain factors involved in operating a pet sitting business that many may not be aware of. Here are some helpful tips.

Pet Professionals Profile: A Major Career Change for the Love of Pets
As part of the Pets Professionals Profiles Series, about people who have found success via their love of pets, meet Melvin "Buzz" Miller, who walked away from a fast-paced law career to devote his life to helping critters.

Pet Services
Pet services are huge, and are becoming more diverse, with a market for everything from upscale pet grooming to pet sitting and yoga for dogs now being offered. Learn all about the red-hot-right-now services available for companion animals.

Homemade Dog and Cat Food Recipes
Here are some homemade dog and cat food recipes from the cookbook, "Dinner PAWsible: A Cookbook for Healthy Dog and Cat Meals."

Fine Dining Benefits Kitties
These days, animal shelters have to come up with really creative ways to support their efforts. The Black Cat Cafe in Devon, Pa., has done just that, by serving elegant lunches that benefit a local animal rescue group.

Knitting for Kitties
Another installment in the Pet Professional Profiles series featuring Jill Holland, an actress and entertainer who transformed her grief over the loss of her kitty and love of knitting into a business with a heart.

Pet Profile: Vinny, a Pug with a Grand Philanthropic Plan
Meet Vinny, the rock climbing pug, who is about to scale new heights by embarking on a fundraising tour for a very worthy animal rights cause.

How Pet Shops Can Partner with Animal Shelters
As selling pets is becoming increasingly highly unpopular, and is even banned in many areas, a greater number of pet shops are resorting to partnering with animal shelters to host pet adoption days. This comprehensive guide tells how to go about this.

Fun Ways to Diversify your Pet Store
It's always a great idea to diversify a pet business, to expand your retail capabilities, your position in your market and a greater element of fun. Here are some suggestions.

Pet Friendly Lodging for Posh Pooches
Pets are getting pampered like never before. At the D Pet Hotels, pooches can enjoy luxury fit for a furry king or queen.

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