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Cute New Pet Supplies for Cats


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Thundershirt Now Available for Cats
Cute New Pet Supplies for Cats

The Thundershirt anti-anxiety garment helps to calm stressed kitties.

Photo Courtesy of Thundershirt Company
As I reported back in summer 2011, the Thundershirt – a unique pet garment with anxiety relief properties – initially was only available for dogs. Then in spring 2012, the company began making these for cats.

These patent-pending pet garments, produced by the Thundershirt Company of Durham, N.C., resemble thin life vests that exert gentle pressure on a cat’s torso to elicit a calming effect. It’s based on the same techniques that have been successfully used on babies (vis-a-vis swaddling), squeeze shoots that veterinarians use to vaccinate cattle and pressure therapy often employed to calm autistic people.

It’s made from a light-weight, stretchy, flannel-like fabric (available in sizes small, medium and large) that attaches around a cat’s neck and torso with Velcro panels.

The Thundershirt can help relieve cat anxiety in regard to:

Another great thing about this company is its giving back philosophy. The company partners with shelter groups around the country by donating these to help these pets with anxiety relief.

Meanwhile, I tried it on Omar, who gets very rammy at night. At first, he didn’t know what to make of it; he kept trying to pull it off with his teeth. But I followed the detailed, easy instructions that accompanied the product, with eventual success. He soon got used to it, and thoroughly chilled out.

This is another excellent line of pet supplies for cats that also happens to be very cute.
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