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Cool Kitty Couture


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For the Feline Fashionista
Cool Kitty Couture

This brightly colored intarsia sweater from Meow Wear is designed with mice in the knit pattern, and is made of double acrylic knit for comfort during wear.

Photo courtesy of Meow Wear

Not only are dog clothes hotter than ever, cat clothes and accessories are a growing industry!

As a long-time cat parent, this really surprised me because none of my kitties have been feline fashinistas, and were not particularly fond of getting dressed up in any capacity. I used to take my Daisy to a kitty groomer who would send her home with a pretty satin bow around her neck. She would get so irate that she would not meow to me for days afterward!

My cub reporter, Murphy, on the other hand, loves neckwear. I got him a dapper Star Wars Bow Tie and rhinestone studded collar that he adores. (I think it’s because he knows how handsome he looks; I even caught him checking himself out in a mirror!)

Otherwise, cats who spend lots of time outdoors should wear collars with tags. Not surprisingly, there is a large market for fancy designs, with bling like rhinestones, flowers, LED lights and such, that are as stylish as they are practical. So there is a market for these products.

Why Some Cats Need Clothes

Canine couturier Patti Wilson of Joy Pet Products informed me of the growing popularity of cat clothes when I interviewed her for my article about dog clothes.

“This is an under-served market,” she revealed.

Patti also told me that it’s not uncommon for kitty parents to purchase her goose down coats as cold weather wear for their cats who spend a lot of time outdoors.

Cats that have undergone surgical procedures may also benefit from the warmth and comfort of T-shirts, especially if they had to be shaved. I have a friend whose cat underwent surgery for breast cancer (yes, kitties get that, too) and her vet advised her to dress her kitty in these to keep her from potentially biting and clawing at the sutures.

Furthermore, there’s a growing trend toward couples including their pets in their weddings, which also creates a demand for specialty pet fashions. In addition, people are increasingly including pets in family photos, and like to dress them up for these and other special occasions.

With these factors in mind, more and more pet companies are including cat wear; there are even entire businesses now devoted to this. One is Meow Wear, which was acquired in late 2011 by Handicapped Pets.com, which specializes in dog wheelchairs and other products for disabled, handicapped and elderly pets.

"We acquired Meow Wear because we realize that, as people invite their pets to be a part of their family, cats, as well as dogs are receiving the care and attention they need to live happy, healthy lives," said Handicapped Pets founder Mark Robinson.

This is just one of the many pet companies that now offer feline attire, accessories and other cat-centric products.

Get Set for Some Fabulous Feline Fashionistas!

Now click on the links above or below to view some truly awesome cat-toure!

For more about the pet fashion industry, please see my articles Wacky Grooming and Fashion Products for Cats, with info about everything from hats for cats to kitty cologne, and For Pets With a Passion for Fashion.

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