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New Pet Products Trend: Supplements



As more people are now taking a holistic approach to pet health and wellness, supplements are a growing market.

Photo courtesy of Alissa Wolf

According to pet products prognosticators, supplements for dogs, cats and other companion animals are slowly gaining popularity and are going to be huge in the future.

I spoke with Brad Kriser, founder and CEO of Kriser’s all-natural pet shops about the pet supplement trend, and how those who sell pet products can get on the bandwagon.

Why Supplements for Pets are the Next Big Trend

While Kriser reveals that pet owners are not clamoring for these pet products as yet – “It’s a battle,” he concedes – he is convinced that it’s only a matter of time before supplements for pets begin to take a huge bite out of the market.

“Supplements in the human world are becoming more common,” Kriser pointed out. “We have products like probiotics marketed through Activia. Companies are trying to get supplements into people’s hands in more user-friendly ways.”

Indeed, an increasing number of consumers shop at such people retailers as Whole Foods, which offer large supplement sections and other holistic health items.

“The baby boomers, the older generation, are pet owners,” Kriser said. “They are taking supplements. I see this as a future trend, especially for senior dogs. There will be a large opportunity with these products, with companies creating lines for older pets.”

Why Pets Need Supplements

Pets need supplements for the same reasons that modern people do.
“You’re not going to get everything you need from your food,” Kriser said. “Most people stick to one food for way too long. It’s the same with pets.”
And just what do pets need?

According to Kriser, some good supplements for pets are:

  • Those that contain cranberry, for urinary tract health
  • Glucosamine, for joint and bone health
  • Kelp, with heart, thyroid, digestive and other benefits
  • Mushroom, for immune system support
  • Oils, such as fish, sunflower and coconut

Omega 3, for example, helps to support joint, cardio, vision, skin and coat health.

“Coconut (reportedly good for pet skin health and allergy relief) is fantastic,” Kriser added. “You should also change the oil source. Rotation is very important.”

How Are the Supplements Administered?

There are three ways:

  • Liquid
  • Powder
  • Pill or tablet

“I find the powder and liquid to be the easiest,” Kriser said.

Good Brands of Supplements

Kriser recommends:

Supplements Can Help Pets’ Teeth, Too

“People don’t know how important the health of their pets’ teeth is,” Kriser said.
He likes Petzlife, which has a good oral spray, and Tropiclean.

Kriser’s also offers non-anesthesia pet dental cleaning in its California store, a service others in the pet industry may want to look into.

The Bottom Line about Pet Supplements

As mentioned previously, these pet products aren’t as yet setting the industry on fire. But you can rest assured they will become very popular in the future. So those in the pet profession are advised to “bone up” (if you’ll pardon the pun) on these products.

For more info, please see my article Pet Supplement Trends.

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