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Organic Cat Litter: World's Best

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Organic Cat Litter: World's Best
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The Bottom Line

Although this organic cat litter is produced by a respected and respectable company, I cannot recommend it for reasons outlined in this article.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Good absorption
  • Decent odor control


  • Potential for the exigency of aflatoxin mold, a toxic fungus
  • Although safe for septic systems, leaves a dense film inside toilet tanks
  • Expensive


  • Light-weight
  • Golden color
  • Manufactured by Kent Nutrition Group, Inc. of Muscatine, Iowa, a subsidiary of the Muscatine Foods Corporation

Guide Review - Organic Cat Litter: World's Best

One of the most popular and respected organic cat litters is World’s Best.

Made from whole kernel corn, this cat litter honors the three “Ps": pets, people and the planet.

Plus, it’s safe for septic systems.

This organic cat litter is available in three formulas:

  • Clumping
  • Multiple Cat Clumping, with a natural plant derivative for enhanced odor control
  • Scented Multiple Cat Clumping Formula, with natural lavender oil

Some Serious Concerns About This Organic Cat Litter

I bought this litter for Omar when he developed urinary tract issues and I was advised by a natural pet shop employee to switch him to an all-natural, organic brand. I found that World's Best Cat Litter clumps well and does absorb odors effectively.

However, Omar was frequently getting sick; he would often vomit. He was also having seizures once every two to three months. After conducting blood tests, his vet could not determine a specific cause for this. So she concluded that he either is epileptic, or he had been exposed to something toxic.

Meanwhile, I initially attributed Omar's frequent vomiting to his diet and/or hairballs, which he is susceptible to.

(As a side note, I took this litter to my parents' home when Omar and I went for a visit and placed it in their cat's litter box. My parents' cat, Molly, refused to use the litter box, which is totally out of character for her.)

Then I read articles about the possibility of this litter being prone to being infested with aflatoxin mold, a toxic fungus that may develop when a corn-based product comes into contact with moisture.

Some Experts Weigh In About the Safety of this Cat Litter

Franny Syufy, About.com cat expert and someone I greatly admire, also reported about this.

Then I found this rather alarming entry on the Truth About Pet Food blog: Caution to Use of Corn-Based Cat Litters.

As I live at the seashore, in an apartment that lacks air conditioning, this was a particular concern.

So I ceased using this organic cat litter. Omar has not gotten sick since (touch wood).

To be fair, I have no way of knowing if this cat litter was making him sick. But I was not taking any chances.

To give credit where’s it due, the company that manufacturers this litter does have its heart in the right place.

But given these factors, I cannot confidently recommend it.
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