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Natural Cat Litter Cedarific

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Natural Cat Litter Cedarific

Cedarific is one of the best natural cat litters around.

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The Bottom Line

This is an excellent natural cat litter with many great qualities.
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  • This is the most affordable natural cat litter I have yet to find.
  • All-natural ingredients.
  • Lightweight.
  • Pleasant aroma.
  • Good odor control.


  • It tracks, but is very easy to clean up.


  • Lightweight wood chips with the consistency of thick sawdust.
  • Light gold in color.
  • Mild, pleasant cedar aroma.

Guide Review - Natural Cat Litter Cedarific

When I adopted Omar from the Humane Society of Atlantic County back in 2008, I was given a welcome package that included a free sample bag of Feline Pine natural cat litter by a staff member, who implored me to exclusively use natural cat litter for the health of my new kitty.

I did use this litter for a long time and will attest that it's a very respectable brand. But I found that it really didn't control odor all that well, the bag was hard to handle because it was weighty and the pellets were difficult to negotiate when removing feces.

I then experimented with several other natural and organic cat litters and found most of them to be lacking. The one I did like was Purr & Simple clumping litter, of which I received free samples from the company for review.

The only drawback to this litter is that it's very pricey. So I began looking for an alternative.

A Terrific Natural Cat Litter

Lo and behold, I discovered Cedarific, a soft, lightweight all-natural cat litter composed of hardwood and cedar chips produced by Northeastern Products (NEPCO).

NEPCO was launched in 1955 as a wood processing company in Warrensburg, N.Y. The company later expanded to include facilities in Michigan and Kentucky, and got into the pet bedding business in the mid-1960s, beginning with providing bedding for lab animals.

The company also produces Bird & Reptile Litter (composed of northern hardwood); All God’s Creatures small pet litter (made from hardwood chips); Corn Cob Bedding for birds, reptiles and small animals; Northeastern Pine Pet Bedding with aspen, cedar, pine and pine/chlorophyll for natural odor control; and Hardwood Smoking Sawdust, for people meat smoking.

In reading numerous reviews of this litter, the majority of which were very positive, I found the one complaint that cat parents had was that this litter is very difficult to find.

But there it was, in my neighborhood supermarket. This is not a fancy, boutique market, mind you. It's plain old Pathmark.

In addition to liking the all-natural ingredients, the price was right - $4.99 for a 7.5-pound bag! The large bag also had the added convenience of a handle attached to the top for easy toting. Plus, the bag appears to be twice its weight due to the fluffy consistency of the litter.

This natural cat litter has many advantages:

  • It's very easy to handle
  • It has a light, pleasant cedar aroma
  • It's dust, silica, chemical and clay-free
  • It absorbs odor and moisture very well
  • It's long lasting
  • It's easy to clean off the floor
  • It makes litter box cleanup a breeze
  • Omar loves it

In addition, it's safe for septic systems, easy to flush and it's kind to the planet. Not only are the ingredients biodegradable, this litter which is made from reclaimed renewable wood fiber is also compostable.

When all is said and done…Cedarific is a terrific natural cat litter!
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