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Dog Training Aid: The Pet Corrector

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Dog Training Aid: The Pet Corrector

The Pet Corrector emits a hissing sound that helps to train pets.

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The Bottom Line

This is a highly effective dog training aid that works well on cats, too. It should be noted, however, that the maker states that this pet product is not effective for dogs with major behavioral issues.
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  • An effective negative-reinforcement, but non-punishment pet training aid.
  • Easy to use.
  • Convenient.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • It works!


  • The aerosol canister contains the refrigerant HFC 134a.


  • Slim, compact 50 milliliter red pressurized container.
  • Also available with a holster which clips to a belt for easy access.
  • Suggested retail price of $9.99.

Guide Review - Dog Training Aid: The Pet Corrector

Dog training, along with a myriad of pooch behavior aids, is now a huge industry.

One of the most revolutionary new dog training products currently on the market is the Pet Corrector.

This is a compact aerosol canister that emits a blast of compressed air that creates a hissing sound, similar to the noises that geese and snakes use to warn off predators in the wild.

The Brainchild of a Dog Trainer

The Pet Corrector is manufactured by the Company of Animals, a United Kingdom company founded by leading animal psychologist and dog training expert Dr. Roger Mugford that designs and makes a number of pet training and behavior products, including the HALTI® head collar for dogs.

The Pet Corrector aids in eliminating such bad doggie behavior as jumping, stealing, chasing cars (and people), climbing on off-limits furniture or just plain anti-social animal antics.

But Does This Dog Training Product Work on Cats?

The answer is a resounding, "Yes!"

I naturally had help from my four-legged "assistant editor," Omar, in reviewing this pet product.

Although he is decidedly rambunctious and headstrong, Omar (who is a little over three years old, by the way) is overall a very well-behaved, good-natured cat.

His only undesirable behavior involved clawing my fabric-covered dining room chairs, despite that I provided him with numerous scratching pads.

I tried everything to get him to stop, including loudly knocking on the dining room table and yelling, "No!" All I got were bruised knuckles and a sore throat.

So I tried the Pet Corrector the next time Omar went for the chairs. He must have jumped five feet in the air! He then slunk off on his tippy toes with a stunned expression on his face.

I only had to use this product a couple of times before my kitty got the message. It got to the point where all I had to do was reach for the can, then merely say the word, "Can!"

I'll be a monkey's maiden aunt...it worked!

Omar has not gone near those chairs since I used this product.

Some Downsides to This Pet Training Product

My only real concern about this product is that it contains HFC 134a, a refrigerant that the Natural Resources Defense Council petitioned the Environmental Protection Agency to remove from (I quote from the May, 2010 petition): "the list of acceptable substitutes for CFC-12 in motor vehicle air conditioning systems maintained under EPA's Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) program, and to remove HFC-134a from such list in any other end-use category (e.g., aerosols, stationary refrigeration) where more benign alternatives are available."

Being the fanatical Earth Mother champion of natural products and living that I am, this had me a bit concerned.

Meanwhile, I read more than 100 reviews of the Pet Corrector. While the majority of pet owners gave it raves, a number of them said that their pets got used to this product after a mere couple of uses and ultimately ignored it. These are the reasons why I didn't give this pet product a full five stars.

But in my personal experience, this is a highly effective dog (and cat) training product that I can confidently recommend to pet retailers, as long as they advise their customers to fully read the instructions before and exercise caution during its use.
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