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Pet Bird Toys Guide

What Products Pet Shops Should, and Should Not, Carry


Pet Bird Toys Guide Photo of Ricky courtesy of Deliquesce-Flux Photography

Organic and natural products are especially important for pet birds, playful little rascals who love to chew and are quite the acrobats.

That’s why stocking safe, sturdy toys made from natural and/or non-toxic materials is paramount for pet shops that deal with birds and/or pet bird supplies.

What Pet Bird Toys Should Not Contain

  • Chemical treated wood, certain natural woods or wood treated with pesticides
  • Metals such as lead and zinc
  • Lead- or other chemical-based paint
  • Nylon or acrylic rope
  • Chemical dyes
  • Items containing glue or adhesives

Meanwhile, these types of items can pose dangers to pet birds:

  • Chains and/or rings birds can get stuck or tangled in
  • Plastic and cellophane bags
  • Items they can swallow
  • Toys with small, loose fasteners
  • Anything with sharp objects
  • Materials with ink dyes, such as magazines and printed paper towels

Best Pet Bird Toys Materials

  • Thick, securely welded stainless steel
  • Thick acrylic
  • Rope made of natural fibers such as hemp and sisal
  • Natural, untreated woods like ash, balsa or pine

Kinds of Toys Pet Birds Love

  • Anything that makes noise, like bells (birds love to raise a racket)
  • Bright colors
  • Chewable items
  • Dangling items
  • Leather, as long as it is naturally tanned
  • Toys they can climb, perch upon, swing or dangle from (preferably upside down)

Other Important Pet Bird Factors to Consider

The size of the particular pet bird. You don’t want to recommend the same kind or size of toy for a parakeet as you would for a cockatoo.

It's also important to advise your pet bird parent customers to keep a close watch on their feathered babies when they play with their toys, especially following the introduction of new toys.

Examples of Cool Pet Bird Toys

Some really fun bird toys can be found at the Bird Guys and Drs. Foster and Smith.

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