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All About Pet Supplies

Welcome to the wonderful world of pet supplies, where you'll find everything you need to know about the best products for your pet customers. These articles contain tons of information about everything from the hottest canine couture to crates, leashes, toys and many other products and supplies.
  1. Dog Supplies (10)
  2. For Furry Fashionistas! (9)
  3. For Horses (3)
  4. For Mature Pets (7)
  5. Kitty Products (26)
  6. Natural Pet Products (7)
  7. Pet Gifts (7)
  8. Pet Grooming Products (7)
  9. Pet Health Products (10)
  10. Pet Products Reviews (9)
  11. Pet Toys (4)
  12. Small Pets, Birds and Fish (6)

Pet Supplies
Information on a variety of pet supplies and products for retailers including the best holistic and natural cat and dog food brands, commercial raw pet food brands, older dog products and general pet supplies.

Pet Car Travel Products Help Critters Safely Hit the Road
As people are increasingly traveling with their pets by car or other motor vehicle, and there are now more laws requiring that they are properly secured, there is a growing demand for pet vehicle safety devices. Thus, a Pennsylvania pet lover invented the K9 Car Fence, an innovative pet product that keeps Fido safe, and happy when hitting the road.

Meet Kathy Ireland's New Pet Products
Pics of and info about the line of upscale pet products from super model Kathy Ireland.

Pet Collars and Harnesses Trends
Read about some of the great new pet collars on the market that are both fashionable and functional.

Pet Bowls Trends
There are now many innovative pet bowls on the market that are functional, fashionable and safe. Read about some of the best.

Top High-Tech Pet Products
Here are some of the top high-tech pet products on the market, including a GPS pet tracker, pet monitors, toys and more.

Bird Toys Guide
Pet birds require very specific toys, with an emphasis on safety and durability, as well as a fun factor. Here are some ideas about what to carry.

About Pet Memorial Products
Losing pets is a sad but inevitable fact of life for animal parents. So it's not surprising that the pet memorial industry is growing, with lots of elaborate products now available. Here is an interview with the founder of a pet memorial company about this unique industry.

Pet Products News
There is a constant dizzying array of new and tried-and-true pet products coming onto the market. Read about some of the more popular items.

General Pet Products
A "furry" knowledgeable experts offers his views on the best pet products for pet retailers, for cats and other companion animals.

New Pet Supplies for 2013
Here is a list of some really great pet supplies I discovered in spring 2013, including a new line of dog items from rocker Bret Michaels, pet care products from Burt's Bees, an innovative cat litter that detects illnesses in cats, a line of bamboo pet bowls and more.

Unique Pet Supplies
From diapers for birds to imaginative gifts for pet lovers, here are some ideas for not so run-of-the-mill products that will help pet retailers to stand out from the rest.

Green Pet Products Guide
When it comes to pet products, many people are going green. Not only are these products kind to Mother Earth, they also greatly contribute to the overall health and well-being of companion animals. Here are some must-haves for your pet store.

Baby Monitors for Pets
Introducing a line of pet monitors from Motorola, based on the same principle as baby monitors, for greater peace of mind.

Top Pet Travel Products
As more people take their pets when they travel, there is a growing market for pet travel products. Here are some great picks.

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