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Pet Store Management and Operations

Those who own and/or operate any kind of pet business can find everything they need to know about employee management, billing, distribution sales, inventory and other aspects of this unique industry. These helpful articles will keep you up-to-date, no matter what kind of pet business you run.
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  2. Internet Marketing Tools (9)
  3. Pet Business Ideas (18)
  4. Pet Industry News (6)
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  6. Pet Trade Shows (18)
  7. World of Pets (7)

Pet Trade Shows
Pet trade shows are must-attends for those in the industry. Here is a roundup of the top events, with ongoing updates.

Starting a Business: Pet Shops 101
A comprehensive guide to what it takes to start a pet shop, a potentially lucrative, yet complex and costly undertaking.

Pet Business Tips
The pet industry continues to boom in a variety of sectors. Here are a variety of in-depth articles to help those who are in or who are considering entering the world of pet shops and other types of businesses.

How Pet Businesses Can Help Shelter Pets
There are many ways that those in the pet industry can help shelter pets. Here are some tips.

Should Pet Stores Sell Pets?
Are you thinking about getting into pet sales by selling pets from your store? This is no easy undertaking; it's a huge responsibility that you should think long and hard about. This article will tell you about what to consider before dealing in such precious cargo.

How to Hire a PR Pro for a Pet Business
Tips for hiring a public relations pro to help gain greater exposure for a pet business.

Scare Up Some Important Safety Tips for Pets This Halloween
Halloween is a fun time of year, for people and pets. But this can also be scary in ways that are not fun, as this holiday presents potential hazards for companion animals. So here are some important pet safety tips for retailers to share with their customers.

The 10 Commandments of a Successful Pet Business
The 10 Commandments aren't just popular in houses of worship. They also apply to pet business entrepreneurs. Here's a handy list of guidelines based on the Golden Rules to help keep your business on track.

Obesity in Pets
Pet obesity now affects more than half of all dogs and cats in America, and is on the rise in other Western societies. Here are important tips for retailers to help combat the epidemic.

For the Birds
From parrots to parakeets, birds are ever-popular pets, and there are more great products for them coming onto the market at regular intervals. Here is some important information about what's available, as well as their proper care and feeding.

Pet Foods Recall Protocol for Retailers
Pet food recalls, such as those that took place in 2007 and 2012, are very scary. Here are some important guidelines for what retailers need to do during these stressful scenarios.

Pet Professionals Profile: A Major Career Change for the Love of Pets
As part of the Pets Professionals Profiles Series, about people who have found success via their love of pets, meet Melvin "Buzz" Miller, who walked away from a fast-paced law career to devote his life to helping critters.

Is the Pet Business Recession Proof?
As the pet industry continues to grow and reap big bucks, despite the worst economic climate since the Depression, it appears that the pet business is recession proof. Here are some interesting reasons as to why.

How to Attract New Customers
Attracting new customers is a challenge for many business, especially in this increasingly competitive industry and challenging economy. Here are some simple yet effective tips to bring in new traffic.

One Cool Cat House!
Cats that are offered for sale or adoption at pet shops are often kept in small cages, with limited mobility. But the folks at Pets Plus in Mays Landing, N.J., came up with a better idea, which is fit for kitty kings and queens!

Hiring and Recruiting Guidelines for Pet Shops
Employees can make or break a business. Here is a guide to hiring the best people right from the start, with tips about avenues through which to recruit workers who share your passion for pets.

Cool Business Model

 All about Puffy Paws, a non-profit agency that combines hospice care for special needs cats funded by a resale operation that offers most unique items.

Opening a Local Fish Store Tips
Here is a comprehensive guide to launching a tropical fish store, with lots of details about everything from financing, to writing a business plan, proper store maintenance and more.

All About Pet Reptiles and Lizards
In recent years, pet lizards, snakes and reptiles have gained a lot more popularity around the world. Here is a collection of articles about these different pets, their care, characteristics and the industry in general.

Pet Business Tips from a Pro
As a follow up to my story about opening a pet business, I spoke with Howard "The Pet Industry Guru" London, who offers valuable, no-nonsense tips for successfully getting into and/or staying in the pet business.

Tips for Starting a Self-Serve Dog Wash

 Self-serve pet washes are a great way to clean up. Here are some in-depth tips about how to successfully launch such an operation. 

The 5 Golden Rules of Sales for Pet Shops That I Learned From My Dad
Times may have changed, but the Golden Rules of Sales remain the same, especially for pet shops. Here are the top five that I learned from by long-time business owner dad.

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