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Pet Client Guide

Whether your pet business caters to just one species of animal or several, you'll find loads of helpful information about the best products, services and care for individual pets, such as dogs, cats, fish, birds, herptiles and small animals right here.
  1. Canine Guide (1)
  2. Cats Awesome (4)
  3. Reptiles Roundup (7)
  4. The Word on Birds (4)

Parade of Exotic Pets
Read all about exotic pets, from birds to bunnies, reptiles, fish and more.

Hot Dogs! The Top 3 Dog Breeds in the U.S.
Read about America's top three dog breeds, per statistics from the American Kennel Club, along with information about the best retail products and services for these posh pooches.

About Guinea Pigs
Guinea pigs are cute, cuddly, smart, easy to care for and hearty. So it's no wonder that they have been popular pets the world over for hundreds of years. Here is some important info for pet retailers about their care and supplies they need.

About Gerbils
Read all about gerbils and their proper care.

Some Things Fishy
Pet fish are more popular than ever, thanks to a number of societal trends, and fish products and services are subsequently big business. Read about everything from how to launch a local fish store to what's hot in aquariums, fish services and trends for our fine finned friends.

Fabulous Ferrets: Important Info for Pet Shops
Ferrets are very popular pets, for good reason. They're cute, playful and amusing. But they are also high-maintenance pets that require special care. Here is some important info for pet retailers who are interested in dealing with these pets.

All About Sugar Gliders
Meet the neat, petite, oh-so-sweet sugar glider, a rising star on the exotic pets horizon. Read all about their care and products they require.

Heavenly Hamsters
Ever popular hamsters have delighted kids and adults alike for years, thanks to their cute appearances, personalities and ease of care. Here is some important info about these adorable pocket pets for retailers.

Exotic Pets Profile: Skunks
Believe it or not, skunks make wonderful pets that are smart, easy to train, affection and highly amusing. They are also high maintenance and require very specific care. Here are some important tips for pet retailers.

For the Birds
From parrots to parakeets, birds are ever-popular pets, and there are more great products for them coming onto the market at regular intervals. Here is some important information about what's available, as well as their proper care and feeding.

What's New with Hermit Crabs
Not only are hermit crabs among the most misunderstood and under-appreciated exotic pets, the ways in which they should be cared for is frequently evolving. I spoke with a member of the Hermit Crab Association who provided some updates to an article I wrote previously, to help educate retailers who deal with these crustacean cuties.

Best and Worst Pet Fish for Beginners
Beginner fish hobbyists, particularly kids, are very important clientele for local fish stores. Here are some tips for helping them to select the best pet fish and aquarium products.

Exotic Pets Profile: Charming Chinchillas!
Once prized for their luxurious coats, Chinchillas are now sought-after exotic pets who are smart, gorgeous and fun. Here is their history, and important info about their habits and care.

Pet Rats Profile
Rats as pets have become quite popular for a variety of reasons: These critters are highly intelligent, affectionate, clean, easy to train and totally loveable. Here's the lowdown on these rodents for those who wish to deal with them.

Exotic Pets Profile: Hermit Crabs
Hermit crabs are very unique pets. They are also highly misunderstood, especially when it comes to their care. Here is a guide for retailers who want to get a claw up on the competition.

Rats as Pets: A Brief History
While rats as pets may seem like a new craze, these critters have been popular companion animals off and on since the 1800s. Read all about how these fascinating critters managed to capture the hearts of humans.

Rabbits are very popular pets, for good reason. They're smart, playful, affectionate and adorable. They also require specific care. Here are some tips for retailers who wish to deal with these delightful pets.

Chickens as Pets
Read about the growing popularity and joys of keeping chickens, along with tips about their care and supplies.

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