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General Resources

Pet business owners and operators will find a variety of valuable resources to help get and keep your business on the right track with these helpful articles. You will find all kinds of directories to pet suppliers, pet care organizations and societies, breeder associations, Web and other advertising resources, business organizations and more.
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Pet Industry Magazines
A list of the top pet industry publications, that provide the latest business, marketing, vendor, sales and other valuable information.

Business Insurance Guide for Pet Shops
Here is a guide to business insurance for those in the pet industry.

Customer Rewards Programs for Pet Businesses
Smaller pet businesses can now take advantage of the popular customer rewards programs. Here is info about a company that offers affordable plans.

The APPA Releases U.S. Pet Owners Survey for 2013-2014
The American Pet Products National Pet Owners Survey for 2013-2014 is in. And it contains lots of proof that the industry is growing and will continue to do so in the future. Read about the hottest sectors and detailed spending statistics.

Pet Shops Marketing Book Review
In this modern, high-tech age, those in the pet shops industry now have a mind-boggling selection of marketing tools from which to choose, from old-fashioned print ads to the Internet. Learn about a step-by-step book called "Wildly Profitable Marketing for the Pet Industry," written by two marketing mavens, which is a wonderful resource for...

Top Jobs for Animal Lovers
Here is a guide to the top jobs for pet lovers, and what to consider when entering these fields.

Animal Planet Cat TV Star Jackson Galaxy Publishes Book
Cat behavior expert Jackson Galaxy, host of the hit Animal Planet show "My Cat From Hell," chats with me about his no-holds-barred auto biography "Cat Daddy: What the World's Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me About Life, Love and Coming Clean."

Pet Shop Books
When it comes to inventory essentials, pet shops really should consider carrying a decent array of books about pets. Here are some well-respected pet shop books for your pet store.

First Pets: A History of Critters in the White House
Pets of various species have graced the White House since the days of George Washington. Here's a fascinating historical glimpse of first pets, past and present.

About Socks: The Political World’s Most Famous Cat
As a followup to my expose of presidential pets throughout history, here is the saga of the most famous first cat of all: Socks.

Pet Trade Shows News
Pet trade shows are bigger and better than ever. Read about what's going on in 2012.

America's Family Pet Expo: A Great Consumer Show
While trade shows dominate the pet industry, there are a handful of consumer shows that are worth looking into. Read about what is considered the best: America's Family Pet Expo.

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