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E-cards, Another Fun Promotional Idea

A Newfangled E-Mail Newsletter


E-cards, Another Fun Promotional Idea

Sloppy Kiss Cards are a unique way to stay in touch with customers.

Photo courtesy of Nicole Stocker
As I have mentioned many times before, when it comes to promotional ideas, e-mail newsletters are crucial to all pet businesses as a way to keep one’s operation in the forefront of the customers’ minds.

Meanwhile, a company called Sloppy Kiss Cards has come up with a really unique way to stay in touch with customers: personalized animated pet-themed ecards, a really cool variation on the e-mail newsletter.

Here’s how they work.

A Most Entertaining E-Mail Newsletter Idea

Sloppy Kiss Cards was initially launched as a consumer site for pet lovers in 2006 by avid animal lover Nicole Stocker of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The cards feature all kinds of cute animated pet scenarios, ranging from a cat driving a convertible sports car to a dog strolling through an art museum (where the subjects of masterpieces such as the Mona Lisa and ‘American Gothic’ have been transformed to pooches).

These can be personally customized and sent for birthdays, as thank you notes, congratulations wishes and expressions of romantic love, along with any number of major (Christmas and Hanukkah) and minor (Halloween and Valentine’s Day) holidays.

The ecards include a large selection of pets and breeds from which to chose, along with musical accompaniment.

The concept became so successful that Stocker, who previously worked for Microsoft as an online marketing professional, began receiving requests to come up with a series of business-related ecards for people in the pet industry, which she launched in June 2011 as an adjunct business service to her site.

These may be used for:

  • Alerting customers to sales and promotional events
  • Appointment reminders for vets and groomers
  • Pet birthday cards
  • Christmas and other holiday cards that can be mass-mailed to customers

Stocker explained how this ingenious brand of e-mail newsletter works: "The way the business service works is the pet business uploads their list of contacts including the pet owner's name, the pet's breed and pet name and any special dates related to that contact (e.g. birthday, annual check-up date, grooming reminder date, etc.). Then they build their ecard campaign with a few clicks and every recipient (whether it's one or 10,000) will receive an ecard personalized with their pet breed and pet name as well as a personalized message."

A Promotional Idea that Keeps on Giving

In addition to the novelty and entertainment value, some other advantages to this type of e-mail newsletter are:

  • This easily helps to drive repeat business through the automatic delivery system
  • This is a memorable way to build and maintain customer relationships
  • Saves time and money, unlike the old-fashioned snail mail cards
  • Offers diverse sending options

Meanwhile, Stocker donates a portion of the proceeds to Petfinder.com.

I think this is a great promotional idea, and a very cool e-mail newsletter concept.

E-cards Update

A few months after writing this story, I was contacted by another pet e-card company that is also very cool: Pet-a-Greeting.

Launched in September 2011, these feature talking pets!

These are also great for those in the pet industry who are seeking unique, highly personalized ways to keep in touch with clients and colleagues.
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