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Marketing Guidelines

Find out about the many different ways to market your pet store or other pet-related business. These articles will tell you all about the many tools now available, including different types of advertising vehicles; social networking sites; demographic targeting and everything else you need to know to succeed.
  1. Internet Marketing Guide (8)

Marketing and Promotion Guide
Here is a handy roundup of articles covering various aspects of successful marketing and promotions to help put and keep your pet business on the road to success.

Branding Tips for Pet Shops
Business branding is a powerful tool that all pet enterprises should employ for maximum success. Here is some important info for how to go about this the right way, as well as how to use your own pets in the process.

Pet Business Social Marketing Trends
There are a number of social trends that potentially fuel any given business sector. Here is an exploration of some trends that those in the pet industry would be wise to address.

Pet Fashion Pros Resources
In an effort to provide enhanced resources for those in the growing pet fashion sector, marketing pro Lauren Darr decided to launch the International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals. Learn how this can benefit those who deal in critter couture.

Marketing to Kids
As kids are the customers of the future, it's a good idea to cultivate their loyalty by marketing to them in the here and now. Here are some tips for how to go about this.

Pet Shops Marketing Book Review
In this modern, high-tech age, those in the pet shops industry now have a mind-boggling selection of marketing tools from which to choose, from old-fashioned print ads to the Internet. Learn about a step-by-step book called "Wildly Profitable Marketing for the Pet Industry," written by two marketing mavens, which is a wonderful resource for...

How to Attract New Customers
Attracting new customers is a challenge for many business, especially in this increasingly competitive industry and challenging economy. Here are some simple yet effective tips to bring in new traffic.

Fun, Low-Cost Promotional Ideas
In this troubled economy, it's more important than ever to find creative, low-cost ways promotional ideas for your pet store or other related business. Here are some fun, creative ways to do so on a shoestring.

Business Logo Tips
It's important for every business, large or small, to select an effective logo, which is the very "face" of a business. Here are some important factors and guidelines to make the process easier.

Why Consistence is Key in Marketing
Being consistent is one of the most crucial, if not the most crucial, ingredient to successful pet shops business marketing. This article breaks this concept down into easy to understand and follow components that one must employ to ensure success.

Ocean City, N.J.: Hermit Crab Heaven
With its numerous, hilarious hermit crab events, including the world-famous Miss Crustacean Beauty Pageant, Ocean City, N.J., is arguably the crab capital of the universe. Read all about the long, successful relationship between the seaside resort and its beloved population of lively decapods, and the public relations legend who brought them...

Stay in Touch with Customers with E-cards
There are so many effective ways to keep in touch with clients, including e-mail newsletters. Here's a look at a company that takes the concept to really fun new heights with cute, personalized e-cards.

How to Compete with Big Box Stores
Due to increased competition from the big box and general merchandise chain stores, along with online pet stores, it's now a dog-eat-dog world for many smaller mom and pop pet businesses. Here are some ways to get a paw up on the growing competition.

Hot Industry Trends
Learn all about the hottest pet industry trends along with products, services and other concepts that are expected to experience the highest business growth in the ever-booming companion animal industry.

Creative Advertising Ideas for Pet Shops
Advertising is great for business. But it's also a complicated, often expensive prospect. Here are some ideas for pet shops that are fun, creative and cost little or nothing.

Low Cost Marketing Strategy for Pet Shops
When devising a marketing strategy for a pet shop, one doesn't require tons of money. Imagination, persistence and a belief in your business are key, and priceless. Here are some tips for marketing a pet shop on a shoestring.

Pet Customer Service Tips
Everything pet store owners and operators need to know about ways to provide the best customer service for maximum success.

Business Practices to Avoid
Even the best pet shops may fall into habits that are decidedly bad for business. Here are some prime examples of what not to do.

How very Pinteresting!

 Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media platforms of all, mainly because of the beautiful design and the fact that it's image heavy. Learn how pet businesses can use this site to their best advantage.


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