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Animal Breeding

Whether you already breed pets or are thinking about doing this, you will find lots of helpful tips for just about every kind of pet, including cats, dogs, herptiles, birds and various small animals. You can also learn about the most ethical, responsible practices right here.

Ethical Puppy Breeders Guide
While shelter adoptions are now the preferred route for acquiring pets, there is still a demand for puppy breeders. Here are some important guidelines for how to go about this endeavor responsibly and humanely.

What are Puppy Mills?
There has been growing controversy about the puppy mill industry in recent times, and pet stores that sell puppies for profit have increasingly come under fire from animal welfare advocates and pet parents. Here's why, and what those in the pet shops industry need to know.

Parade of Exotic Pets
Exotic pets are growing in popularity. Read all about such critters as birds, lizards, bunnies, rats and more.

Hot Dogs! The Top 3 Dog Breeds in the U.S.
Here is info about the three most popular pooches in the U.S., and special notes about the types of products and services their parents need.

Exotic Pets Profile: Charming Chinchillas!
Once prized for their luxurious coats, Chinchillas are now sought-after exotic pets who are smart, gorgeous and fun. Here is their history, and important info about their habits and care.

Exotic Pet Profile: Skunks
Skunks make wonderful pets that are smart, easy to train, affection and highly amusing. They are also high maintenance and require very specific care. Here are some important tips for pet retailers.

Siamese Cats Profile
Siamese cats are arguably the most popular purebred kitties in the world, due to their unique beauty, brains and distinct personalities. They are also rather high-maintenance. Here is some important info about these top cats for retailers.

Puppy Breeding News
Here's some important news about the pet industry as it pertains to puppies, puppy sales and breeding, including info about the closure of one of the leading puppy brokers in the U.S.

Rabbits: A Guide for Pet Retailers
Rabbits are very popular pets, for good reason. They're smart, playful, affectionate and adorable. They also require specific care. Here are some tips for retailers who wish to deal with these delightful pets.

Pet Rats Profile
Rats as pets have become quite popular for a variety of reasons: These critters are highly intelligent, affectionate, clean, easy to train and totally loveable. Here's the lowdown on these rodents for those who wish to deal with them.

Exotic Pets Profile: Hermit Crabs
Hermit crabs are very unique pets. They are also highly misunderstood, especially when it comes to their care. Here is a guide for retailers who want to get a claw up on the competition.

Rats as Pets: A Brief History
While rats as pets may seem like a new craze, these critters have been popular companion animals off and on since the 1800s. Read all about how these fascinating critters managed to capture the hearts of humans.

Dog Breed Profile: 'Game of Thrones' Canine Stars
The Northern Inuit dog breed is now a big star among canines, thanks to the breed's appearance on the hit HBO show "Game of Thrones." Here are important tips for those in the pet industry who wish to deal with these awesome pooches.

First Pets: A History of Critters in the White House
Pets of various species have graced the White House since the days of George Washington. Here's a fascinating historical glimpse of first pets, past and present.

Breeding Pet Birds

Responsible Dog Breeding

Parade of Pedigree Cats

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