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Green Pet Products

Want to know the best green products to offer to your critter clients? You've come to the right place, thanks to these helpful articles about the many different eco- and pet-friendly supplies now available to retailers, breeders and others with pet businesses.

Green Cleaning Products for Pets
Earth-friendly, natural and holistic products are all the rage for pets these days. This has begun to include spinoff markets, such as green cleaning products. Omar and I review a line from Unique Natural Pets.

Green Pet Products Guide
Pet products that honor Mother Earth, as well as contribute to the overall health and wellness of pets, are a growing industry. Here are some important products that pet store proprietors really should consider adding to their businesses.

Honest Pet Products, ‘Paw-some’ Hemp Pet Toys and More
Earth-friendly pet products are very popular these days, and are a growing market. Read about a company called Honest Pet Products that makes pet toys and dog shampoos made from hemp and other natural fibers, and helps people in the process.

Purr & Simple Natural Cat Litter
Omar and I review Purr & Simple, a unique new natural cat litter that is safe for pets and the planet.

Pet Beds with an Eco-Friendly Edge
The pet industry is constantly being bombarded with a dizzying array of pet beds. Here is a review of an especially impressive line: P.L.A.Y., an adorable and practical collection of eco-friendly pet beds and accessories from San Francisco entrepreneurs Will and Deb Chen.

Earth-Friendly Pet Supply: The Petmate Pet Bed
Omar reviews the Petmate chaise bolster pet bed, from a line of cat furniture inspired by people furniture that's cute, well-made and earth-friendly.

The Best Dog Food Brands for Your Store
A look at canine nutritional requirements and recommendations for some of the best natural and holistic commercial dog food brands and dietary options for dogs.

Organic Cat Litter: World's Best
The World's Best Cat Litter is one of the most popular and respected organic cat litters on the market. Omar and I review this cat litter, and address some concerns.

Tropiclean Pet Dental Care Products
Pet dental care products are becoming increasingly popular and, in the opinions of many pet health experts, are must-haves for pet retailers. Here is a review of the Tropiclean line of Fresh Breath Made Easy natural pet dental care products

Organic and Natural Cat Litters Reviewed
Natural and organic cat litters are extremely important pet products for a cat's optimal health and well-being. Omar and I review some of the more respected products on the market.

Unique Pet Supplies
From diapers for birds to imaginative gifts for pet lovers, here are some ideas for not so run-of-the-mill products that will help pet retailers to stand out from the rest.

Best Pet Products
A "furry" knowledgeable experts offers his views on the best pet products for pet retailers, for cats and other companion animals.

A Review of Swheat Scoop Organic Cat Litter
A review of Swheat Scoop Natural Wheat organic cat litter.

Eco-Friendly Pet Supplies

Natural Cat Litter

5 Top Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Picks for Pets
Here are the top 5 eco-friendly holiday gift ideas for pets.

Safe Flea and Tick Products for Pets
There has long been controversy regarding flea and tick remedies for pets. Read about some safe, natural alternatives.

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